The basis of all successful associations is an agreement to abide by certain established and understood guidelines and regulations. No endeavor, whether it is a family, company, religious group, club, team, or nation functions for very long without rules. And the rules that serve well to govern our behavior must be based upon the values each individual holds dear and regards as worthy of wholehearted support. 


WinDS is no exception, and we do not pretend to be original or unique in the guidelines we have set forth to manage the affairs and interactions of our Members. Please read these principles carefully. We hope you will regard it as an honor to be a WinDS Member and to be fully engaged in supporting WinDS ideals and objectives. Our values and our behavior establish our reputation and largely determine whether we succeed or fail, both as individuals and as a group. WinDS plans to succeed!




WinDS Members realize that no one can be expected to know what is important to us in terms of our beliefs and honor unless our actions clearly and reliably demonstrate our values. It is our conduct and comportment that most directly affect the opinions others hold about us. Therefore, our personal and professional behavior must be consistent with the principles already described. We uphold WinDS standards of conduct in all meetings of committees, training sessions, leadership forums, and conferences of whatever size or description in person or electronically. WinDS Members are expected to behave according to these standards that serve to build upon the excellent reputation and general effectiveness of the organization.

Attendance: Meetings of WinDS are intended to provide benefits to the Members and to enhance the impact of the organization on our sector of the real estate industry as a whole. Members make every effort to attend regularly, promptly, and with a positive attitude toward the business of the meeting.

Participation: Members of WinDS strategically contribute ideas, suggestions, and actions to advance the group’s objectives. If a particular contribution is not accepted for whatever reason, Members are not discouraged, but are willing to yield to the decision of the group and continue participating fully.



When we work in our chosen field and when we serve in any organization, especially WinDS, we make it our business to perform to the highest levels of accomplishment possible for us. Knowing that all arenas of accomplishment require dedication and effort, we pursue advancement in our education and in our association with positive role models. We achieve consistent improvement, measured not only against objective standards of achievement, like revenue, but also against our own sense of personal and professional growth and development. We applaud the success of others, too.


When we are confronted with any ethical decision, we choose the highest ground. This means we neither accept nor do we offer to give improper gifts, favoritism, or the means to shortcut or cheat the policies and procedures of any person or group with which we are associated.



When we are entrusted with a confidential matter, we hold it in complete secrecy. Our business associates and our friends can trust us when they give us access to information or insights that are sensitive for them. We always consider whether it is wise to reveal a matter to another person who is not directly involved in that matter. We do not encourage indiscretion in others by listening to unfounded rumors, stories, tales, or gossip. We protect reputations – ours and others, too.


When it is possible for us to assist another person, especially a sister WinDS Member, we make every effort to give of our time, experience, effort, and other treasures to the extent it might be helpful. We realize that what we give is far more important in the long run than what we get.










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