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About Us

Who we are…                             
First in our organization’s name, just like in our identities as individuals, we are women. (And that is a very good thing to be.)

Secondly, we are women who have joined together to be active in something larger than ourselves.  So we are an association of and for its members.

Finally, we are women in the Real Estate and Mortgage Financing Industry. We are professionals, who devote a great deal of ourselves to achieving success in our work.

What we are about…

The mission of WinDS is to advance the careers of women working in this field, while enhancing their sense of personal and professional success as a whole, in order to substantially improve economic conditions for our nation,  our communities, our families, and ourselves, because our industry uniquely impacts these conditions.

What we do…

We are determined to recognize, commend, and open doors for talented, dedicated, creative, and hard-working women who wish to expand and enhance their careers. Therefore, we provide opportunities for women in default services to learn, lead, grow, become better connected, and share their experiences with other like-minded women across the country. To accomplish this agenda, we offer training, mentoring, leadership positions, and places to serve enthusiastically and compatibly with other women who support the collective goals of our organization.

Why we exist…

We believe the current real estate, financial, and general economic crisis in our nation is ample cause for aggressive corrective action on the part of everyone associated with the business of Real Estate and Mortgage Financing services. This is also the most opportune time for women  to organize and present their strengths to our industry, and to be involved in providing meaningful solutions. We believe this will improve our own lives personally and professionally, as we improve our industry and its involvement in our country’s economy. We believe that we achieve true success, individually and together, when our ideals are uncompromised and our efforts are rewarded.

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